The World, My Mission


Trinity was founded by missionaries in 1970. Today, the missional call to pray, give and go into the nations continues to resonate in the hearts of Trinitarians young and old.

In 1977, Trinity conducted its first Missions Convention. The then Senior Pastor, Pastor Naomi Dowdy emphasized the importance of giving to missions by having the Missions Convention precede Vision Rally. “When we give to the nations, God will build our house,” she said. 


Missions is integral to the life of Trinity Christian Centre. “As a church, our primary purpose, our raison d’être, is to reach the world for Jesus Christ. That is the heart and the end goal of missions,” our Senior Pastor, Pastor Dominic Yeo says.

To date, our Missions have reached 44 nations.

Our Missions comprise of two arms – Church Development and Community Development – to see churches transformed and communities blessed for the glory of God.